Friday, 24 June 2011

Ya Allah, Berikan aku kekuatan.

I try to be the best,
and will continue to win.
Did I trouble you?
I'm sorry.
I do not intend to harm you.
I still need encouraging words from you.
I want to talk to you.
to state what I feel now.
but, I do not have a chance to do so.
I feel lonely now.
but I do not know to do anything.
if you know how I feel,
sure you feel irritated.
I could not.
I can not stand anymore.
why life is always like this?
Each word from my lips sometimes not the same in my heart.
smiling, actually I wanted to cry.
Every drop my tears, I gave it the story of my life ..
As long as life has not ended
I will continue to move..
I believe for my blessings
in front of the waiting ...
Ya Allah..give me all the strength to move on.

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