Saturday, 11 June 2011

I Cant Hide My Tears..(Now)

Malam ini !
Lagi dan lagi...:'(..
i try to hide my tears..but i can't.

When I cried at night..
Waiting up, couldn’t sleep..
I was sad and lonely.

No one knew, all the pain
I went through
Didn’t know where I would go.

I’m all cried out..
With nothing to say.
I cried over pain,
And the other time
I cried because I felt nothing.
I cant help it.
i'm here with nothing but tears.
feel that nobody cares about me :"(
apakah saya pentingkan diri? (Bodohnya saya..)

Sedih :'(
and it seem so hard to be happy right now :'(
Maybe tomorrow will be ok....

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