Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Saya Akan Cuba.

4 Hari saya tunggu.
Walaupun sy memang faham situasi yang berlaku,
Tapi sy betul2 rasa sunyi. :'(
i have no one to talk to :'(
Being alone its hurt.
i miss your jokes.
miss your silly text :'(
i've tried to keep my tears in,
but when i look at your picture
the tears ultimately fall down.
seriously...sy tdk tau mau bt cmna lgi..:'(
Tapi tdk apa la.
mungkin i am one of those who cannot describe what you feel.
From now on even one day, if i'm being alone like this...
I would be strong without you.Ya..itu yg sepatutnya.
Mesti sabar dan tabah. itu yg penting.

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