Monday, 11 July 2011

Thank You So Much ^_^

.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.

I have a story about someone who gave me candy kissme.
there is a story about a wonderful time..
when we laugh together.
when we were eating cake together.
stroll around the shops.
Taking a picture..
Do you feel the joy of it?
In every romance,
I always feel the sweetness.
You will always kept in my heart.
my soul will always be with you.
I love him..really love him.

To :
Mr. Gula-gula Kissme,
Just keep it up

.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.¸¸.•*" "*•.

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