Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Looking back ( My Childhood days )

I used to visit my friend's house which
were not so far away from my house..(gansau)

# I spent my childhood playing games with my friends
# Playing with dolls.The doll with long hair, curled, brown hair and blue eyes..(main kono'2x).

Sometimes..after playing, i used to eat with dirty hands.
As a result..........i often got sick (na...keteh)..
i used to hide, when my Mama brought me to the clinic, for i was so afraid of the injection..:'(

I brought some of my friends especially Caroline & Marlianah
to have a swim in the...( Kolam..hahaha)..mandi-manda..:P
When we got fed up with swimming
we ran to the Guava trees growing with plenty of ripe fruits.
After eating so many of the guava fruits...we went swimming again..! hahaha
Until.......Caroline's grandma went to fetch us
with a "long rattan" in her hand at her back.
But luckily i saw her and ran home just in time....(Selamat...haha).

**  Those were the memories that i have
looking back on of my childhood days :)

**  Now that i have grown up..( sumandak suda d kopio )haha..
i no longer do the things which i liked to do when i was still child..

**  Tapi...CHILDISH tetap ada..( a little bit la..ahaha )

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