Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Sorry when I’m too much for you.
because I wanted to keep your eyes locked on me..
I’d often text you..i’m so clingy ! sorry L
I cares about your well being..
 I cares about you a lot..
 And my greatest fear is losing you.
I’d always cry when you say something slighty mean.
I can’t handle anything. I’m a crybaby !
I’d get jealous easily.
I’m so annoying !
Sorry L
I just wanted you to commit to me..
I  just wanted the guy I loves the most to love only me.
I just wanted the best for you..
I’m a girl that loved you like no one else could.
Think about it, when I’m too much for you..
I’m just wants the best for you.
Because to me YOU’RE the best.
If you don’t like something, talk to me about it.
You mean so much to me L


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